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  • Allistair Mitchell

Tales from the Edict 22 - A Changing World

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Nations rise, nations fall. That was in the past. The modern era has baked nationhood into the patina of civilisation so it is unlikely that any country that exists today will not exist tomorrow. Some may change their name, or their type of government, but a country today is going to be around for at least the next one hundred years. But their allegiances and groupings may not.

In 2020 the UK left the EU. Within months it was embroiled in the pandemic, post departure blowback with its former partners and like everyone else, a moribund economy left bloated and underperforming by a decade of cheap money and global competitors wrecking native potential. 2021 was the moment the music stopped, eyes frantically counting chairs, but time dilates motion to a crawl.

Faced with the real-world threat of life outside a ‘bloc’ the UK moved towards the concept of a New Commonwealth, the natural grouping of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK into a trading partnership based on shared values and similar systems. Such an idea had been discussed for a number of years by each country and had found favour among politicians and public, but it was the departure from the EU that enabled the concept to move forward. Together these four countries (and 8 nations) would form a formidable trading block. But as so often happens, it didn’t turn out this way.

In 2022, Scotland forced the UK to allow a second referendum on independence. In May 2023 Scotland voted 51:49 to leave the United Kingdom, on the promise of re-joining the EU at some future, unspecified date.

In September 2023 CANZUK or the New Commonwealth was declared, bringing the four powerful Anglo-Saxon nations together to form the fourth most powerful political bloc behind the US, China, and EU. This was not sufficient to dissuade Scotland from leaving the UK and a formal declaration to leave was made in December 2023.

However, in 2025 Scotland took the unusual step of re-running the referendum. The result was 59:41 in favour of the union.

In a surprise development India announced its intention to join the CANZUKI in April 2026 and thereby creating the largest single trading block in the world.

Over the next ten years the New Commonwealth would become the lynchpin in the UN Solar Assembly’s evolution into becoming a 4E licence holder.

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